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Why is opposing counsel so concerned about Dennis Rodman?

On January 15, 1997, while playing in a basketball for the Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman dove for a loose ball and ended up falling into a group of photographers who were stationed on the sideline. As television cameras panned over to where Rodman had fallen, the country saw Rodman kick one of the cameramen, Eugene […]

Bad Faith In The Evaluation Of Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Claims

Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims may often be considered “routine” to some auto liability insurers and most are resolved by claims handlers through “routine” negotiations. However, a couple of recent decisions from Northern Ohio Courts of Appeals illustrate the bad faith exposure insurers can face from these claims and provide some guidance on how to […]

Moscarino & Treu LLP: A 20-Year Retrospective

There are moments in life where one has to make a decision: “Do I take the straight and narrow, predictable path, or do I take a risk and aspire to something more than the status quo?” Roughly twenty years ago, George Moscarino and I faced such a decision. We had both led successful careers, and […]

Navigating Legal Malpractice Claims

Despite adhering to the Rules of Professional Conduct and diligently representing their clients, even the best lawyers may find themselves accused of legal malpractice or ethics violations.  These claims carry significant consequences and often have the potential to damage a law firm or attorney’s reputation.  Attorneys in all practice areas and at all stages of […]