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Moscarino & Treu sought to create a law firm that fulfilled their passion for an individualized and hands-on approach with their clients.

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George Moscarino and Kris Treu opened the doors of Moscarino & Treu in 1998 with the goal of establishing a mid-sized regional litigation firm that provided personalized service for all clients.

The partners had previously worked together at a prestigious litigation firm that prioritized growth and expansion. Moscarino & Treu sought to create a law firm that fulfilled their passion for an individualized and hands-on approach with their clients.

More than 20 years later, Moscarino & Treu continues to reflect this active and engaged philosophy while leveraging their prior experience. Their dedication to service, quality and professionalism has earned them a reputation as a premier law firm that professionals choose in the Greater Cleveland region.







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Slide “I am a California attorney, and I needed to hire an attorney in Ohio for a family member. As an attorney looking for another attorney, I did a lot of research and, unsurprisingly, was very picky. We needed a firm that was experienced in arbitration, contract (non-compete) issues, and civil litigation in case the arbitration fell through. I decided to go with Moscarino & Treu, and I’m glad that I did. My family member and I worked with Bill Falin, who was straightforward and who responded within very reasonable time frames. Because of his particular wording and tact with our opposing counsel (along with the use of the evidence that we had), the lawsuit that was being threatened against my family member was never filed. Although the statute of limitations has. Not run yet, and although there’s still a chance that something could resurface in the future, it’s been 5 months with no lawsuit, and I’m thrilled that it appears that our opposition has simply gone away. If, for some reason, this whole mess rears its ugly head again, we will be re-hiring Moscarino & Treu because of their great communication, service and competence.”
Slide “Great group of professionals! Handled my matter swiftly and successfully. Very transparent and communicative. Their lawyers are seasoned and capable. I would definitely work with Moscarino & Treu again!” Slide “Moscarino & Treu provides outstanding service. They are a “go to” firm for complex and serious business and medical malpractice matters. They have always partnered with me to develop and implement effective solutions to challenging problems. They are also timely, responsive and efficient.” Slide “The law firm of Moscarino & Treu is a well accomplished general litigation firm with expertise in both federal and state courts. For many years, William Falin assisted me in handling many complex insurance matters. Bill’s expertise in coverage, bad faith, and insurance defense issues was invaluable to us. Bill is keenly aware of issues surrounding the tripartite relationship and how to resolve the sticky ethical issues that can occur. I would recommend the firm to anyone who has an issue that may require litigation.” , responsive and efficient.”

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